Ristorante Pan e Vin, San Barnaba

Cost: ***     SUGGESTED!

Recommended for the freshest fish and very welcoming service. It specializes in typically Venetian dishes. An excellent quality / price ratio. If you would like to try this restaurant, for Ca' Bea customers, there is always a table available.


Price: ***   SUGGESTED!

Lovers of Venetian and Mediterranean cuisine will be thrilled by this charming venue. The Osteria alla Bifora serves many tasty recipes, which in the Venetian environment becomes more exclusive. Their main dish is their famous "tagliere" for two people, where excellent quality hams, different types of salami are served, accompanied by different types of cheeses and researched olives. The drink can be served at the internal and external tables, which overlook Campo Santa Margherita.


Price: *****

The Riviera Restaurant is one of the most exclusive restaurants in the area, suitable for a romantic candlelit evening: extremely refined dishes based on high quality meat and fish. In addition to the particular research of individual dishes, a breathtaking panoramic view of the Giudecca Canal surrounds the customers, giving the evening an extra touch of elegance and dreaminess.


Price: ***

The tavern supplies both fresh local products such as fish and seasonal vegetables from the Rialto market, and delicacies arriving from Puglia. Among the specialties of the tavern is the tuna steak with sesame and Tropea red onion jam and soy sauce, while on the Venetian front there are the tagliatelle with red turnips from Asiago and the Venetian-style liver.


Price: *****

Located on the Giudecca Island, Harry's Dolci is perhaps the most traditional and typical restaurant in Venice, both for the typical recipes and for the service. Harry's Dolci is the second restaurant in Venice founded by Arrigo Cipriani, owner of the Hotel Cipriani and the famous Harry's Bar, located in Calle Vallaresso, a few steps from Piazza San Marco. Typical of Harry's Dolci are the desserts and aperitifs: cakes, pies, sorbets, and of course the famous and unique inimitable Bellini (original recipe created by Giuseppe Cipriani, Arrigo's father).


Price: ***

Se si desidera una buona pizzeria nelle vicinanze, l'Osteria al Profeta è il posto ideale. A pochi passi dalla nostra posizione, è la taverna Veneziana per eccellenza: tavoli di legno, luci soffuse, piatti di pesce tipici della Laguna oltre che ad una buona pizza fatta a legna.

Il servizio è gentile e molto disponibile, oltre che veloci. Unico consiglio? Essendo pochi posti sia all'interno che nel giardino, consigliamo la clientela di prenotare chiamando.